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Those who river cruise tend to also be avid readers. Or, so it seems. It’s true for both my mom and me. And, it’s true for the travelers I have met on past river cruise trips.

One of the joys from our last trip was sharing favorite books with other travelers onboard. Thank you to Margaret and Tera for adding to my “must-read” list. I can’t wait to check out your suggestions of Into the Magic Shop and The Goal.

Swapping great book finds is always fun with new friends onboard, but why not share with the friends you already have?

If you plan to river cruise with friends, create a book club centered around your trip. You won’t be sorry.

Throughout 2017, I’ll be providing book recommendations for special river cruise trips.

Welcome to the first Book Club Pick for River Cruisers.


For those doing a Jewish heritage river cruise, I have a great book selection for you. Many thanks to my friend Leslie for introducing me to A Bag of Marbles by Joseph Joffo.

This will be the most inspiring book you will ever read. (Well, in my opinion at least.)

A Bag of Marbles by Joseph Joffo

Joseph Joffo was a ten year old boy living in Paris in 1941. As the Nazi’s began to occupy Paris, Joseph’s father worried for his family’s safety. One night, Joseph’s father ordered Joseph and his 12 year old brother,Maurice, to leave their home because Paris was no longer safe for them. He sent them off to find their older brothers living in the south of France that was not yet under Nazi occupation. Joseph and Maurice do as they are told and slip out into the night with only backpacks and 50 Francs each.

A Bag of Marbles details their adventures. In Joseph’s memoir, his story telling captures what the holocaust looked like through the eyes of a ten year old Jewish boy.*


A Bag of Marbles[Graphic Novel]

You will see the original novel and a Graphic Novel version. I purchased the Graphic Novel for my middle school aged children. I thought they might prefer the comic strip style writing.

After reading it myself, I feel this version is too choppy. The illustrations are lovely but this writing style loses too much of the story.

My boys will be reading the original instead. The storytelling in the original is so compelling, I don’t want them missing out. And when my daughter is old enough, I’ll be sharing my copy of A Bag of Marbles with her too,


Read the book and let me know your thoughts.

Also, what are your favorite books? I would love to know. I’m always adding to my “must-read” list.

Are you ready to river cruise? What are you waiting for? Contact me to get started on your next river cruise journey!

*Note: The original version of A Bag of Marbles is written in French and has since been translated into 18 different languages. I’m sorry in advance but it might be a tad tough to find a copy since it was originally written in the 70’s (If you live close, I will lend you my copy. But give it back!)
**And, I don’t review books for a living. My personal review doesn’t do this book justice. Just read it already so you can see how great it is for yourself!

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