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River Cruise Tips 4_ Budapest.


These next two tips come from a friend of mine who teaches in Bratislava. Yes, her life is cooler than yours. It’s cooler than everyone’s. She’s been everywhere. Lucky for mom and me, she met us in Budapest with a few suggestions of places to eat.  

Eat & Meet

Make time for this. Seriously.

Eat & Meet is a home dinner experience and it’s one of the top rated restaurants in Budapest. And, technically it’s not even a restaurant.

Eat & Meet has been featured in magazines and many blogs. When you go, you will understand why.

Suzie and her parents invite you into their home for an authentic Hungarian meal.  Suzie’s mom cooks up delicious food, while her dad pours the wine. All the while, Suzie educates and entertains you about Budapest and Hungarian cuisine. This sounds fun on paper. It’s ten times better in person.

Suzie told us we weren’t going to have Goulash because that’s the only Hungarian dish people know. Suzie served duck.

I don’t like duck. Or, so I thought. Duck is delicious when Suzie’s mom cooks it. I had nothing left on my plate.

Of our 14 dining partners, 6 were from the U.S and everyone else came from Finland, England, and Israel. It was an added treat to have such a multi-cultural experience.

For Sale Pub

Now, let’s move on to The For Sale Pub.

If you require flattery while you dine, don’t go to The For Sale Pub.

Do you need to be waited on hand and foot? Eat somewhere else.

If you insist that your waiters speak flawless English, this isn’t the spot for you.

Yes, you will read reviews about poor service online.  You won’t have memorable conversations with the waitstaff.  

You won’t care. You’ll be too busy eating the bean goulash.

(Yes, I know Suzie might be mad at me that I ordered the goulash. I don’t care. It was amazing.)

The For Sale Pub isn’t fancy. You eat peanuts and throw them on the floor. You will have a long line for the bathroom. People speaking fluent Hungarian might get served before you.

Let it go and enjoy your goulash.

And, one more thing. Don’t be lazy like me. I didn’t hit the ATM before we went. I hoped to charge the meal. Yep, no credit cards. It’s cash only. You must have local currency. You’ve been warned.

Now What?

I have no pictures of our meals at either place. I didn’t take any. I ate. I enjoyed. I stayed present in the moment. It was fabulous. If you need pictures, scroll through Suzie’s Instagram Gallery.


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