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2-Minute Tip for River Cruisers

Welcome back! Now that you have read Tip #1 on how to choose a sailing, it’s time to talk about your next river cruise tip.

And just a warning, this next tip annoys people. Sorry.



River Cruise Joy Tip _2

Tip #2: Plan Ahead & Book Early 

Yes. I know.

You’re a “fly by the seat of your pants” person. You don’t want to be tied down.

I get it. Everyone hates to hear the “plan ahead” advice.

But it’s sage advice. The sooner you decide your plans, the better off you’ll be.

Why plan ahead? Cabin choice.

The higher category suites are the most sought after on the ship. There aren’t many of them and they go fast. People like them for their size and location on the ship.

The top category suites on the AmaSerena look like this.

AmaSerena Suite
Photos Courtesy of Ama Waterways


AmaSerena Suite Bathtub
Yes, that is a bathtub you see.


If you want one of these top suites, you better make your deposit as soon as possible. There are only 3 onboard.

Mom and I are heading back to the river for the Christmas markets in November. We’ll be on the AmaSerena. We like the twin balcony rooms and prefer to be mid-ship.

Our cabin will look similar to this one.

Amaserena_twin balcony
Photo Courtesy of AMA Waterways


Mom and I also chose to take advantage of an “early booking” promotion and booked our trip a few months ago. You should come with us. It’ll be fun.There’s still room. And, I have some perks for you too.

(Check out the Group Trips on River Cruise Joy to see details about our trip.)

So, Tip #2 is very simple.

Plan ahead. Don’t wait too long.

If you know the sailing you want, make the deposit.

Don’t over think it.

Now What?

Get back to work. Your 2 minute procrastination is over.

And, like I told you last time, don’t keep these secrets to yourself.

That’s stingy. Share this post with a friend.

Do this before you go back to work. Sharing takes only a few seconds.

Are you ready to river cruise? Awesome!  Contact me to start planning your next river cruise journey!

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