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Kids and river cruising


Traveling with your kids can be awesome.

It can be awful too.

Believe me, I know.

Our travel memories include temper tantrums in fancy restaurants and 3 hour meltdowns on airplanes.

And, it’s tougher if you have more than one child. Each kid has different interests which adds stress on family vacations.

But, that doesn’t mean you should stay home for the next 18 years or so.

Our most cherished moments happened on family trips.

Here’s the trick:

Match your kids with the right type of trip. If you do this, family travel gets easier.

And, I know. This is difficult to do sometimes. But, with a little thought, it can happen.

Below is what you need to know about kids and river cruising.

Read it and decide if your family should river cruise now or wait a bit longer.

I hope this information helps!

A River Cruise is a Great Choice for a Multigenerational Trip

In a few weeks, I have a sweet family heading on a river cruise trip.

A grandmother is traveling with her children and grandchildren. There are 9 people in total and they are going to have a blast.

They will be sailing on a fantastic Danube itinerary that caters to adults.

But that’s ok.

These teenaged children and young adults have traveled extensively. They are old enough to act properly in adult situations.

I have no concerns whatsoever. This trip will go well and this family will create some amazing memories.

If your children are younger, consider a sailing that caters specifically to families.

Look for Special Family River Cruises

These special sailings offer excursions better suited for younger children.

You will find gingerbread making classes, fondue tastings, and scavenger hunts.

Your kids will play medieval games, experience the Sound of Music, and bike through forests.

These family trips offer more relaxed dinners, kid-friendly guides, and sightseeing that sparks children’s imaginations.

I know a mother/daughter duo that would have a blast on one of these itineraries. I’m talking to you, SB!

What you need to know:

River cruise ships are different than ocean cruises. You won’t find expansive kids’ clubs, rock climbing walls, and water slides. If you want these things stick to ocean cruises.

If you want your children immersed in new cultures, experiencing new cuisine, and learning history, then a river cruise will be a great fit.

Make an Honest Assessment of your Child’s Temperament

Hands down, this is the most important thing to do.

You need to make an honest assessment of your child’s behavior.

Can your children sit through an adult meal?

Will your child act respectful during a WWII history tour?

Will they grumble if you tell them that they can’t wear flip-flops and track shorts to dinner?

Yes, kids will be kids. They wiggle and giggle.

Kids jump, run, spin and cartwheel.

But, will they stand quiet and politely when needed?

If you know your kids can do this, then river cruise.

If you’re unsure, then I would wait.

Have I river cruised with my kids?

People ask me this.

What’s my answer?

No, but here’s why:

Our 14 year old is ready. He loves history and appreciates opportunities for cultural immersion. His laid-back personality offers a good fit for river cruising.

But, our younger two children need more time. These two have wonderful curiosity and have the makings of good world travelers.

We simply have too many impromptu cartwheels and random spinning going on. When this ends, our family will be ready to river cruise.

So, what do you think?

Is a river cruise a good fit for your family?

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