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Dude. Be Nice.

My friend had this printed on her t-shirt the other day. I read her shirt. My grumpiness lifted. Life felt happier.

I know it sounds weird that a t-shirt can change your mood. But, it did.

And, it got me thinking. We all need this reminder to be nice.

Between road rage and Facebook rants, I encounter some pretty angry people.

Americans are ready to rumble these days.

Hey, I admit it. I’m combative sometimes. It’s not everyday, but it happens.

Ask my kids. They don’t lie. They’ll tell you straight up when I’m in a mood.

So, why am I talking about my friend’s friendly t-shirt on a river cruise blog?

Well, because we all need the reminder to be kind when we travel.

You need a proper mindset on a trip.

Stuff happens.

Breathe before you lash out at someone.

I’m not saying you need to be a doormat. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to act.

Screaming at your waitress at lunch while cruising the Wachau Valley isn’t appropriate. It just isn’t.

And yes, I’m calling you out, you fiesty Seattle couple from my last upper Danube cruise.

These people weren’t ever going to be happy.

And, you know what?

It was their own fault.

Some of it was temperament, but some of it was choosing the wrong trip type.

And boy, did they let everyone know.

The cruise director heard from them daily.

They griped to their fellow passengers.

I’m sure the waiters cringed when they saw them enter the dining room.

It was sad really.

After listening long enough, it was clear they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

They must have watched the pretty commercials and signed up for the river cruise on a whim.

They didn’t seem to understand what river cruising is.

What should you do when you meet people like this on a river cruise?


No, really I mean it.

It’s okay to walk away from cranksters who ruin your trip.

You don’t need to be a jerk about it. Just smile and slowly drift away.

How can you avoid becoming one of these people?

You need to figure out if river cruising is right for you.

Ask questions. Read up on river cruising. Do the research.

Need a casino? Look for something else.

Want a booze cruise? Don’t go.

Do you like to experience the local culture? Then, you’ll love it.

Enjoy small villages? You’ll be pleased.

Are you a history buff? River cruising is a great trip for you.

When people come to me about booking a river cruise, I ask them questions.

Lots of questions. If the answers don’t jive with river cruising, I suggest an alternative trip.

Sometimes, people are on the fence, so they try river cruising out.

This might be how you feel. Go with an open mind. Know what river cruising is and what it isn’t. This way you can set your expectations.

And, the most important thing is to have a joyful mindset when you travel.

Don’t be the jerks complaining night and day.

If you’re worried, maybe you should go ahead and order your own “Dude. Be Nice.” t-shirt.

It’ll be impossible to be mean while wearing one.:)

Where can you find your own “Dude. Be Nice.” T-shirt?

Go Here to get yours. And no, it’s not an affiliate link. I only want to spread the love.

(Thank you Aubrey for inspiring this post.)


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