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river cruise salzburg day trip

When my family decided to take a river cruise in Germany, Austria, and Hungary, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go.  But, they convinced me I would love it and… I truly did!

Sailing along the rivers and locks was wonderful.  I so enjoyed laying on my bed and watching what was going by, villages, castles, ruins, cities, churches, cathedrals, and weather.  The architecture fascinated me with its age and permanence.  The cities awed me with how clean they were and the lack of angry drivers!  The people were friendly and oh, so patient.  The tour guides were so knowledgeable and really enriched the experience.  The Christmas Markets were a shoppers paradise!


Amawaterways had every thing so organized!  Being on the ship was fun! I met people from all over and the staff came from all over Europe.  They were as much fun as my fellow passengers!  I believe in order to be hired by the company, they had to have a very well developed sense of humor.  I laughed all the way! I also ate all the way.  The food was fantastic and so varied.  And every night I got to sample a new red wine!


The company took us on buses, comfortable hikes, on their freeways, and down narrow streets that were 600, 700, 1000 years old, and older.  It allowed us to sample people, places, and things, and history I never would have known and it  did enrich my life.


We had with us, Jamie, who signed us up with Amawaterways arranged everything and who never failed to be able to answer a question.  She traveled all the way with us and had the advantage of having been on cruises before so she was our expert!  Thank you Jamie, it was wonderful!

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