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Heidelberg Castle - Image Courtesy of GNTB
Heidelberg Castle – Image Courtesy of GNTB



Excursion Highlight – Sailing along the Rhine

Quick!…Do you know where the world’s largest wine barrel is?


Housed in the Heidelberg Castle, the tun is 8 1/2 meters wide and 7 meters long.

It has a dance floor on top. You could do a jig on there. (How many people can say they’ve done that?)

Someone had to chop down 130 oak trees to make this barrel.

It holds 58,124 gallons of wine. That, my friends, is a lot of wine.

As you walk around the castle look for Perkeo, the legendary dwarf and court jester. Perkeo was hired to guard the tun by Prince Elector Carl Philip. He got his name from his ability to drink an insane amount of wine. According to those in the know, Perkeo died after drinking a glass of water. He thought it was a glass of wine.

Interesting story, don’t you think?

The castle itself wasn’t built all in one go. Construction began in 1300.  It was first used as a royal residence in 1398. Lightning struck in 1794 leaving the castle unlivable and in ruins. In 1800, the castle conservation began.  Before this preservation, locals hauled stones from the castle ruins to construct their own homes.

You can visit the castle if you’re sailing on the Rhine. It’s the top sightseeing attraction in Heidelberg and attracts over 1 million visitors each year.

So…is it worth it?

I think so.

What Should I Do at Heidelberg Castle?

Delight in the castle stories. There are lots. Mark Twain wrote about the castle in his own travel adventures.

Admire the breathtaking view of the Neckar valley and the picturesque Heidelberg Altstadt.(Old Town).

Meander through the lovely gardens.

Imagine getting married at the castle. (Yep.Totally possible.)

Hike up to the castle if you’d like. Mark Twain used to do this.

As you hike, you’ll work up an appetite for some German schnitzel.

Oh, how I love German schnitzel! So much so, I set out to learn to make it.

Did you know you can buy Schnitzel in a box?

German Deli

It’s nice to get out of suburbia every once and while and visit unique grocery stores like the German Deli.

Well… it’s actually still in suburbia. BUT you can find authentic German food here. This is a completely different experience than a stroll down the international aisle at your local Kroger. German Deli is the real deal.

EVERY shelf is full of German products. It’s awesome!

My kids enjoyed the store too. Of course, the kind woman gave them Haribo gummy bears at check out so there’s that. It was a pleasant experience shopping at the German Deli with them. I don’t say that with every family trip to the grocery store.

Lucky for me the German Deli carries Schnitzel in a box. Lucky for you, they ship. Check it out!

Now, I’m off to the kitchen to make my schnitzel.

P.S. – In case you’re wondering, this is what you get with the Schnitzel in a Box. :).



Have you been to Heidelberg? I’d love to hear about your experience. Contact me if you’d like to share your story.





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